Citille di Sopra Estate

Latitude 43°09'90'' N - Longitude 11°57'35''E

Citille di Sopra estate was founded in 1957, when grandfather Ferruccio and father Fulvio bought 28 hectares of land to cultivate mainly cereals. Since then the company has grown, until, in 1997, it was taken over by Fabio, who has maintained the cereal tradition on the large part of the property area, but has accompanied the cultivation of the vine. In the areas considered best for the cultivation of vines, he initially planted 5.5 hectares of vineyards in Brunello, and then moved on to the current 7 hectares. The climate, the composition of the soil, the dedication and the teachings of the father took care of the rest, which allowed the company to grow, transform itself and give life to new projects, all designed with an eye to sustainability.

The estate

Winery since 1997

Born as a cereal company for the production of legumes and forage, Citille di Sopra, also became a winery in the late 90s by the will of Fabio, who today produces Brunello di Montalcino, Rosso di Montalcino, grappa and olive oil, according to those good teachings and the common sense that his father passed on to him, with an eye to environmental sustainability.


The territory

In the direction of Le Crete

Strategically located between Montalcino, San Giovanni d' Asso and San Quirico d'Orcia, Citille di Sopra has climatic and territorial characteristics that make it an ideal place for agricultural production. The spurred cordon system of the vineyards makes processing easier, also allowing to obtain a wine that is destined for the production of Brunello di Montalcino.


The history

Farm since 1957

A story that began in 1957 when Fabio's grandfather and father started the cultivation of cereals and fodder. Fabio's entry into the company introduces the cultivation of vines for the production of Brunello. In 2001 the underground cellar was built, expanded in 2020, together with a tasting room for the promotion of the company products.


The place

A strategic position

Located on a crest, in a strategic position between Montalcino, San Giovanni d'Asso and San Quirico d'Orcia, Citille di Sopra, enjoys a privileged view of the Montalcino hill and the surrounding area.

The climate

A favourable element

The rare presence of fog and frost, and constant ventilation, ensure good protection  from any plant diseases, minimizing the need for phytosanitary treatments.

The soil

An excellent ingredient

The medium clayey soil, rich in limestone and with large tuffaceous areas, is ideal  for the cultivation of cereals, fodder and vines. The crop alternation also allows  the cultivation of grain intended for the production of flour.

Farm since 1957

The cultivation of cereals

A tradition, that of cereal cultivation that comes from afar, when in 1957 Fabio's grandfather and father bought the farm. The consolidation of the activity led to the expansion of the company up to an area of 105 hectares planted with cereals, vines and olive trees.

The turning point in 1997

With the planting of the vineyard

Handed over the company to his son Fabio, the wine business joins the experience in the cereal field. Today the company has 80 hectares dedicated to cereals and extra virgin olive oil, 7 hectares of vineyards for the production of Brunello and a cellar with a tasting room.

2012 Sustainability goal

New sources of energy

The company has always tried to respect the environment by making the most of the waste produced in the various processes. Since 2012 the company has been self-sufficient in terms of electricity production and uses pruning waste for the production of hot water and heating.

The processes

Maximum attention to the environment

All processes are carried out with company machinery, from soil preparation to sowing, up to harvesting. Everything is designed with a view to sustainability and optimization of individual processes to maximum quality.

The cellar

An underground and quiet place

Conceived to facilitate all internal processing, the grapes are carefully controlled in all their transformation phases. The cellar is continuously monitored in its temperature and humidity parameters, to ensure the highest quality.

Wine tastings

With traditional products

A place designed to live a complete experience. An opportunity to taste wines accompanied by traditional Tuscan dishes, all made in our professional kitchen, with the company's products and flavours of our land, expertly reworked by Fabio.

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